Wet Flooded Industrial Deep Cycle US31DCXC2

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Wet Flooded Industrial Deep Cycle US31DCXC2

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US Deep Cycle Series Batteries XC2  

All US Deep Cycle Batteries are designed and manufactured with custom built plates that hold the maximum amount of energy allowing to endure the grueling day-to-day charge and deep discharge. US Battery provides Longer Battery Life and Improved Maximum Capacity.:


  • Highest initial capacity
  • Fastest cycle up to full rated capacity
  • Highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery
  • Ultimate compatibility with the wide range of chargers used in the field
  • High charge efficiency designed to meet the new California Energy Commission regulations for combined charger/battery charge efficiency




Product Specifications

Brand U.S. Deep Cycle Flooded
Length (IN) 13
Width (IN) 6.75
Height (IN) 9.75
Weight (LBS) 66.00
Manufacturer US Battery
Warranty (Months) 12
Core Charge $24.00
Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $244.95
Group Size(S) 31
BCI_Group 31
OEM Part Number US31DCXC2
Voltage 12
Reserve Capacity 25Amp Draw 225
Amp Hour @ 20HR Rate 130
Reserve Capacity 56Amp Draw 84
Reserve Capacity 75Amp Draw 59
Chemistry Flooded Lead Acid
Amp Hour @ 5HR Rate 99
Amp Hour @ 10HR Rate 114
Amp Hour @ 100HR Rating 144
Product Condition New