Endurant Battery 31/930

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Endurant Battery 31/930

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Endurant Boatmaster is a marine grade engine battery!

Similar in construction to the loadmaster, this range has heavier positive plates than a car battery and includes vibration and cycling resistive separators. The maintenance free construction reduces gas emitted from the battery resulting in elimination of corrosion around the terminals and lowers the ventilation requirements. Backed by a 2 year warranty this high performance product has a proven record in NZ.



  • Marine Maintenance Free - never needs water
  • Anti-Vibration design - prevents damage caused by shock and vibration
  • High Performance Engine Starting
  • Calcium / Calcium latest technology
  • Low self discharge - longer lasting while not being used
  • Magic eye - can easily check state of charge (most types)
  • Dual Terminal quick installation and for adding accessories (most types)
  • Convenient carry handle for easy transportation and installation
  • Low profile flush lid - easy to keep clean



  • Part Code: MMF31/930
  • Length (mm): 330
  • Width (mm): 170
  • Height (mm): 235
  • Voltage: 12
  • CCA: 930
  • MCA: 1060
  • Holddown: B0
  • Ahrs 20: 100
  • Total Height (mm): 235
  • Terminal Type: STD
  • Assembly: C
  • Weight (Kg): 25


Sizing of marine batteries is critical to the performance of electrical items on any vessel. Insufficient capacity results in systems failure, poor battery performance and shortened battery life. Remember that a battery only stores power. Charging capacity with the number of hours is equally as critical to good battery performance. Periodically ensure your battery is fully recharged. Establish the power consumption of each accessory (in watts or amps), the number of operating hours you will use it and the electrical systems voltage.



  1. Always select a battery that has enough cranking power or capacity to get the job done.
  2. Periodically ensure your battery is fully recharged. Without use some batteries discharge up to 10% of their capacity each month. (flooded type).
  3. Failure to charge a battery will cause sulphation leading to poor life and performance.
  4. Check battery levels monthly. Ensure they are at the upper level indicator. Top up using distilled water. If topping up is required more than 3 times a year contact the Smart Crew!
  5. Ensure battery terminals are clean. If corrosion occurs, pour boiling water over terminals and cover with either vaseline or a grease based applicant.
  6. Keep battery top clean and acid free, ensure battery is held down securely for extended life.
  7. Only use a battery for its designed purpose. i.e. Marine Engine Start, Deep Cycle etc