VHF Marine Radio: Kiwi Lifesaver

The ocean is one of our most marvellous gifts, and as an island nation we are lucky enough to be surrounded by it on all sides. This makes the seaside getaway a core part of Kiwi holidays. As such, as a nation we must be prepared for safety on the seas. Maritime NZ is a government organisation dedicated to promoting maritime safety as Kiwis explore the open ocean. Our government is aware of the need for safety and has strongly recommended the use of a VHF marine radio by sailors.

You're in trouble. You're in the sea.
You're floating and you're OK, but you still need rescuing.
Luckily, you've got your VHF radio.
With a click of a button you make a mayday call.
You continue, "Five nautical miles west of Slipper Island.
Boat capsized. Over."

A VHF marine radio is one of two essential emergency communication devices that are recommended for boating. Aside from a distress beacon, the VHF marine radio is your lifeline to trained professionals in the event of an emergency - after all, you cannot be rescued if no one knows you need help.

A VHF boat radio can receive calls from Maritime NZ, Coastguard and by other seafarers that could be able to help in a crisis. It also enables you to stay in the know about storm warnings and other urgent information broadcasts while you’re out on the water.

You can get up to 50kms of coverage with your marine radio, as well as permanent 24/7 monitoring of the emergency channel 16 by trained responders who can begin to send help your way.

Make sure you have your lifeline in place on your marine vessel. Get in touch today via our contact form or by calling 0800 4 MARINE.


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