Rainman Watermaker: Desalination Solutions

Clean and pure water is an essential on any marine vessel, no matter the length of your journey. Access to drinking water can be the difference between life and death in the most dire of circumstances, and at the mercy of the ocean there's nothing more important than being prepared for safety and survival. That’s why it is so important for every boating fanatic to ensure they have a functioning and effective desalination system onboard. The Rainman Watermaker is the perfect solution, now with portable capabilities that will have you making use of your Rainman Portable Watermaker day in and day out!

Marine Electrics NZ is the only agent in New Zealand that supplies the tried and true Rainman Watermaker system. This is a portable water maker for boat enthusiasts far and wide, with accessibility, low cost and portability to die for! It’s the easiest watermaker you will ever use, and can either be installed by a Marine Electrics professional or handled as a portable unit - whatever suits you.  

Benefits of the Rainman Watermaker

We all know and love the Rainman Watermaker and Marine Desalinator, the filtration system that is installed on your marine vessel by our trained Marine Electrics specialists. The Rainman Watermaker has spectacularly simple and effective features that make it a must-have for all sailing fanatics.

● A compact system designed to generate a fresh potable water supply from seawater

● Electric power supply for installed models leaves a minimal carbon footprint as it runs off your onboard marine batteries

● Rainman partners with only the best components, ensuring highest quality build, reliability and longevity of your investment.

Now, we’re lucky enough to present a portable version of this beloved boating equipment - still top quality and now with portability benefits! There are so many reasons why the portable version of the Rainman Watermaker is the perfect fit for your seacraft:

No installation required

● Start making fresh clean drinking water minutes after you walk out the shop doors

● No punctures or holes in your boat

● In-store maintenance of your system

● Easy to sell the system on if desired


● If you need to lighten the load for a short cruise or race, or even if you just need a bit more space for guests and gear, the Watermaker can easily be removed

● The Rainman can be taken ashore for use with a recreational vehicle

Reduced costs

● Upsizing or upgrading your boat? Take the Rainman with you!

● No expensive installation process or fees

Share with the whanau

● You can easily loan your Watermaker to a friend or even fill their water tank with the extension hose

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