Designing an off gird power system for your boat is a complex but rewarding process. We can help you from start to finish, whether you need advice on wiring or battery banks one of our qualified team members can make sure your off grid marine power system is up to scratch.

We take marine electrics very seriously – not just because it’s our life but because your safety and the safety of everyone on your boat relies on proper installation and upkeep.

All AC and DC wiring

Managing both AC and DC wiring and making sure that it is efficiently installed, and safe to operate, is vital to the success of your design. While everyone wants to install wiring quickly to get their project of the ground but ensuring that the layout is accessible for installation, upgrades, and maintenance is important.

Switch boards

Vital to your electrical set up, your switchboard divides your electrical feed power into different branch circuits. In addition, it provides a level of protection to your whole system through circuit breaking and fuses for the circuits it manages.

We can assist you with the selection, installation, and maintenance of your boat switchboard to keep your off grid power system working perfectly.

Battery banks

By creating a battery bank for your boat off grid electrical system you can run your boat without your generator or solar array in play. We can help to make sure that your battery bank is adequate for your power needs and that the installation goes as smoothly as possible.




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