With the right marine instruments, you can utilize all the data you have available to you to improve your boating experience, keep you safer, and make your sail easier.


Whether you need thermal imaging cameras or CCTV systems for your boat’s security at sea and ashore, we can help you find the right system that ticks all the boxes and is compatible with sea, salt, and sun.


The AIS (or Automatic Identification System) is the piece of technology that transmits a vessels position so that other ships around it are aware of its location. Many maritime bodies, such as the Intranational Maritime Organization, require larger ships to broadcast their position with an Automatic Identification System to protect against collisions.


A VHF – otherwise known as a Very High Frequency radio – is one of the most important pieces of equipment on your boat. Vital for safety during an emergency, and just useful to have during safe sailing, a VHF outs you in contact with other boats as well as the coast guard. Finding the right radio solution for your boat depends on your intentions – for example overseas or blue water voyages versus domestic and short day trips not too far from shore – and we can help you get exactly what you need.


Transducers - also called a T/ducer, ducer, or simply a T/D – are an electronic sensing device that gets mounted in the boat’s bilge or at the bottom of the transom in order to provide data to other equipment. For example, a transducer will take electrical energy from a transmitter and convert it into sound energy that becomes the sonar projection into the water.



Marine autopilots work by taking a heading set by you and locking in that course. The autopilot will then respond to changes in its environment and make changes to maintain the heading you set. However, it is not a replacement for a real live human, autopilot does not detect or avoid vessels or obstacles and someone always needs to be engaged and paying attention at the helm. Our team can advise on the type and model of autopilot your boat needs, as well as assist with installation and maintenance

Marine Radar choices

By choosing a radar system that fits your needs, budget, and requirements you are outfitting your boat with one of the most reliable and informational pieces of equipment on the market. There are a wide range of marine radars to choose from so come in and have a chat with one of our highly trained and knowledgeable staff today.

Carbon Dashes (Carbon Fibre Dash)

Carbon fibre dash panels for boats are a popular choice for a few reasons, primarily to save weight and look sleek. Make sure that you choose your carbon dash with care to ensure that it is the right one for you – something our team can advise you on.

Integration and configuration

When it comes to setting up your boat systems, it is important to remember that in addition to being theoretically useful – the instruments you choose have to install intelligently and integrate with systems already in place. We can help you sort out an array of electronics and instruments that will serve your needs, be accessible to use, and work together to make your boating experience better. 




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