Our wide selection of electronics for your boat means that whatever you need, we can help you find the best version of it for your set up and get it installed asap.

All major brands, Garmin, Raymarine, Simrad, B&G, Furuno

As a long standing fixture in the marine community of New Zealand we pride ourselves in stocking all the major brands you could want.  From Garmin to Simrad, B&G to Raymarine – we have (or can get in) whatever you need to complete your perfect electronics set up for your boat.


Chartplotters are one of the most important pieces of kit on deck, as they take your GPS location and place it on a map. This integration of GPS data with electronic navigational charts (ENC) means that you can reliably read your position, heading, and speed of your vessel. Some models include other information like radar readings, automatic information systems (AIS) or other sensors you may want to install.

We can help you find the right chartplotter for your vessel and personal needs.


Fishfinders are the technology you need in order to detect a fish school around your boat. Fishfinders can also provide various underwater information like water depth, distribution of the fish school, and the condition of the seabed. Fishfinders achieve this by transmitting ultrasonic waves into the sea and interpreting the data as these waves return. Finding the right device for your fishing needs can de-stress your days out and make it easier to pick a good location – and we can help you find the right device.


Sounders – also called depth sounders or echo sounders – are a sonar system with a dual use. Practically, sounders are used to locate and visualise objects underneath the water and the depth of the water around your boat. They can be used navigationally and as a charting aid, as well as for commercial fishing ventures to locate fish.

The sounder you need varies on your usage and vessel needs, so talk to us today to find your perfect match.

Wind data packages

Monitoring and interpreting data from your sensors is a vital skill to have while out on the water, and wind data is one of the primary concerns. With the right equipment you can get your sensor data working for you!




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