Choosing Your Boat Battery

Have you ever thought about what makes a boat battery unique? Compared to a regular car battery, marine batteries have a particular set of skills designed to optimise your boating experience. A car battery will largely focus on starting the engine and running low-level electrics for a limited period of time. Marine batteries, however, will often need to work harder in running boat electrics while the engine is off or idling. Many boaters have various electric appliances that would be far too energy intensive for a car battery to sustain. It’s also much more difficult to get a jump-start if your battery dies in the middle of the ocean! For these reasons and many more, fitting the right kinds of batteries in your marine vessel is vital. 

Types of Marine Batteries

There are many different kinds of batteries that could power your boat, but it takes knowing what you need and how to get it to choose the right battery for you. Your choice of boat battery purchase should depend on the level of power needed to operate and maintain your boat at optimal levels as well as how you use your boat. 

Starting Batteries - as the name suggests, these batteries are responsible for the jolt of energy that sparks the engine starter. They are designed to harbour and provide a high burst of current to the engine, which is then recharged by the engine alternator for the next time you need to start it.

House/Deep Cycle Batteries - these batteries operate on a more complex basis than the starter battery. They are able to sustain electronics such as appliances and lighting onboard while the engine is not running. Where a starter battery would quickly lose charge and need to be restarted, deep cycle batteries are able to recover their charge even after long periods of heavy usage.

Multi purpose batteries - these batteries are a combination of starting and deep cycle capabilities. With a multi purpose battery, the engine can be started and also used to run the appliances and electronics that would otherwise drain a starter battery. Check out out range of Marine and Deep Cycle Batteries here.

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