Electrics are an integral component of modern life. Everywhere you go, there are electrical components embedded into all sorts of places, from e-books to seats, blankets, floors, wristwatches, doors and much more. Electrics and technology are incredibly powerful, and knowing this we often end up thinking of them as invincible. However, some areas that depend on proper electrical wiring and maintenance can be hard on the technology used to provide power. Marine electrics are regularly exposed to a considerably damaging environment thanks not only to the variations in weather extremes but also to the corrosive elements present in the ocean. This results in the necessity to ensure your marine vessel is seaworthy from an electrical standpoint with an electrical warrant of fitness that meets Kiwi safety regulations (EWOF NZ).

You wouldn’t wing it when it comes to ensuring the safety standards are met for your road motor vehicle - in fact, the law dictates a valid warrant of fitness for all road vehicles because it is so vital for us to ensure our methods of transport are safe for everyone on the road. Being in the water doesn’t negate this need; rather, the corrosive and exposed nature of sea travel demands even greater attention to the state of your boat’s electrical components. That’s why it’s so important to entrust your vehicle’s wellbeing to the skilled, qualified professionals at Marine Electrics that strive to meet and exceed EWOF NZ standards.

Our Team Can:

● Organise EWOF inspection - We can get your sea vehicle inspected by the professionals and give you an unbiased opinion designed to work in the interest of your safety.

● Complete EWOF remedial work - If your boat needs a tune-up to meet the standards of safety outlined in an electrical warrant of fitness, we can carry this out for your to get your boat up to scratch.

● Install and service AC appliances, battery chargers, inverters - We’re not just a shop counter! We have experienced and skilled marine equipment specialists at the ready to walk you through a full boat service and maintenance experience at the drop of a hat.

… and so much more! If it’s to do with marine vessels, no matter the query, we can help. Get on board Marine Electrics today for optimal boat products, services and maintenance.


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