Electrics is our mainstay and we can make sure your boat’s electricals are sufficient for your needs and comply with EWOF standards. Making sure that your boat can plug into shore power, run its battery systems, and function safely is what we do best – so whatever questions you have make sure that you have a chat with us about it. 

EWOF inspections

An Electrical Warrant of Fitness – which is usually referred to as an EWOF or sometimes a WOeF - is an inspection that looks at every part of the electrical set up on your boat and thus certified that the connectable installation is electrically safe and sound. It is imperative that your boat complies to these standards to ensure the safety of everyone on board as well as any shore system you plug into.

Remedial work

Should your boat not pass its Electrical Warrant of Fitness then we can help you to undertake any remedial work that is required in order to reinspect and pass. The remedial work for EWOF failures can be small and easy to complete or they can be larger projects – either way, the team here can help.


We can also help you with troubleshooting your boats electricals. If you are having an unexplained electrical issue, we can run through a troubleshooting sequence to identify the problem – and then help correct it should it need further work.

Monitoring and control

Monitoring and controlling your boats systems as well as security for your boat can be a stressful topic as there are many aspects to consider.

Onboard Monitoring

Onboard monitoring allows you to keep up with several aspects of your boats security in one go. Many systems offer location tracking, geo-fencing, and automated alarm raising systems that mean your boat has an extra layer of protection.

Shore based monitoring

Shore based monitoring systems allow your boat to be monitored by shore based operator personnel. Keeping track of boats out in the water is a vital safety factor and having the right equipment on board is a must.

Security systems

There is a huge array of boat security systems which vary in ability. From a simple camera which records to a local disk to a fully integrated system with alarms, HD cameras (monitored or linked to your personal device), built in sim-cards to raise alarms, and the capability to monitor electrical systems. Whatever the best security system for your boat and your needs is, we can help you to find and install it.

Internet onboard

You can now have WiFI onboard your boat. Your options for boat WiFi are broadband global area network (also called BGAN) systems, cellular hotspots, or reaching land-based Wi-Fi with through a Wi-Fi extender. Each of these has their own pros and cons, and what internet system is best for your boat is dependant on your use case scenario.

Digital switching

Digital switching systems can replace traditional mechanical switched and circuit breakers where a boat’s power distribution modules are digitally controlled. This state of the art digital power distribution system can be controlled through multifunction displays, programmable switch panels, or even mobile devices.

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