Winterising your boat – Marine Electrics

What is Winterization and Why Do I Need To Winterize My Boat?

Winterizing is the process of ensuring your boat and its components do not deteriorate over winter due to the cold and damp – and disuse.

If your boat is in regular use over winter – every week or so – you don’t necessarily need to winterize. The best thing for your boat is to use it! However, anyone else who pulls the tarp over the boat for winter and awaits warmer weather to get out on the water again – there are several steps to take to ensure that it is ready to go.

What winterizing your boat means will differ depending on what your set up is. There are some general guidelines for what winterizing your boat means for you.

Creating a Plan

This is the most important step of winterizing your boat because it will lay out the exact steps you need to take for your specific boat. If the complexities of winterizing your specific make and model are beyond your personal skill then get in touch with us today and see how we can help. We have the knowledge and expertise to help prepare your boat for winter and ensure it is ready to use when you are.

Isolate and Care for Your Batteries

A battery not correctly cycled (charged/discharged as per manufacturers specs), on a regular basis can cause damage to the battery. This will result in a lack of performance as well as reducing the life of the battery. It is important that you have the right charging systems and monitoring to manage this. It is also good practice to keep batteries charged over the period of disuse to maintain the health of the battery. This is true for a deep cycle battery or a marine starting battery, getting a high-quality deep cycle marine battery and starter battery will help with battery longevity.