Is there a solution to Huge costs for replacing your boat battery?

Hybrid Project by Marine Electrics

Recently a client came to us faced with huge costs to replace the failing 48v lithium battery bank required to run his electric propulsion systems. We worked closely with the client to assess the various options and ended up settling on the removal of the electric drive system and turning the boat into a standard 12v diesel-powered launch. This was the most cost-effective solution as well as providing greater appeal to boat buyers concerned with expensive ongoing maintenance. Our in-depth knowledge of the Victron and Lithium-Ion products helped guide our client through the process of selecting the right solution. Overall, we aimed to provide a high-quality system that would provide many years of hassle-free boating. 

We removed the problematic 48v lithium bank as well as its existing house bank.

These materials are hazardous and must be handled properly by qualified experts who can avoid lingering risk. We swapped in a sizable 600 amp/hr Victron lithium bank for both power management and monitoring – but we didn’t stop there. To yield both high performance and low maintenance, we fitted the vessel with an intuitive, fully integrated power solution. What’s more: we set it up to charge off the existing 1.5kw of solar panels already on board and installed two supporting components: a pair of high output, externally regulated alternators, and a 3kw Victron inverter/charger. Now fully geared with accompaniments, the client could rest assured that the entire propulsion system would run optimally and efficiently. 

Before our installation, this boat had been on the market for some time. The sale was held-up due to the large costs quoted to replace the lithium batteries with similar capacity. Now, the boat is back on the market and generating interest. It already received an offer! 

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