Endurant Batteries

The Right Battery For Your Boat

Whether you need a lithium ion boat battery, or a specific brand - we have options for you. When looking at our extensive range of boat battery choices, remember that making the right choice is more than just finding the best price. While it may be tempting to just find the closest and cheapest deep cycle battery for sale the decision should take a few things into consideration before finding your local deep cycle battery NZ stockist. With options like Optima, AGM, Fullriver, Endurant batteries and more, it can be difficult to make the right selection.  Choosing the correct marine battery for you can save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

What Are The Types Of Marine Battery?

Batteries are separated into two categories – it’s either a deep cycle marine battery or marine starting battery. The difference between those is a technical one – based on use the internal structure is different to allow a different type of charge/discharge. A deep cycle battery will have thick plates and can be significantly discharged and recharged repeatedly over time without causing damage. This is different from a starter battery which will deliver short, high-current bursts to start an engine which means that they are regularly discharging only a small percentage of capacity.

Is Marine Electrics a Marine Battery NZ Stockist?

We stock many different brands and types of marine battery, so whether you need a Juice battery or a specific boat battery you prefer – we can help.

Is Marine Electrics an AGM Battery NZ Stockist?

We stock several AGM battery options including both deep cycle and start batteries, give us a call and we can figure out which battery is the best for you.

Is Marine Electrics an Optima Battery NZ Stockist?

Yes! We stock Optima batteries – both deep cycle and start batteries - that would suit many boats, get in touch today to discuss which one would suit your boat best.

Is Marine Electrics an Lithium Ion Battery NZ Stockist?

We can supply and install Lithium Ion battery solutions with the relevant charging and monitoring systems, give us a call and we can figure out which battery is the best for you. 

Does Marine Electrics Stock Endurant Batteries?

Yes, we do, we stock different Endurant Batteries for different use cases. Be sure to have a chat with us about choosing the right battery brand for you and your boat because ensuring a high quality battery is a good way to save money and hassle down the line.